Words by Sam Furness

Gretta’s journey to releasing this new music over the last few years has been a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of. Luckily for her fans (and future fans) - it won’t be too long until they get to be taken on this journey too. Although Gretta’s new music is a confident evolution in style from reflective indie folk to bold, elegant pop songs - none of her trademark storytelling or razor sharp style of delivery has changed. If anything it has only got more sophisticated.

This year Gretta will be releasing a series of ‘Duologies’ - two songs joined in theme but creatively distinct; written from differing perspectives, released as a pair.

Starting the Duology series with Bigger Than Me & Readymade seems like the most fitting way to kick off this new chapter, as both tracks unpack Gretta’s relationship with creativity and beautifully set the scene for the thoughtful kind of artist she is. We’ve had endless chats on this theme of this Duology - exploring the highs, the lows and all the middle-y grey areas that come with living a creative life. Both of these tracks, although taking different lyrical stances, are an ode to how Gretta has nurtured her craft as a songwriter and explored her artistic spirit over the last few years.

I’m really excited for Gretta to finally begin telling the stories she’s so meticulously crafted - it’s been a big adventure to get to this point, literally and figuratively. What a cool way to be rolling out these new songs too! It’s a testament to the creativity of the whole team to be presenting the Duologies and all that is to come in such a unique, interesting and collaborative way.