Words by Jack Garratt

Back in the summer of 2019 I had the terrible idea of wanting to shoot a visual album that would coincide with the release of Love, Death & Dancing. I worked tirelessly with my writing partner, directing partner and friend Tom Clarkson throughout the summer to write a cyclical and haunting story. A Hero’s rise and fall through a repeating pattern of self hatred - self acceptance - self love - self betrayal - self hatred etc.

I worked closely with my movement coach and choreographer Liv Lockwood to bring to life the vignettes that Tom and I had established for each song. With the words already being taken care of by the lyrics of the music, we knew that my body movement was going to be such an incredible storytelling tool, but Liv made it become so much more powerful and evocative than I could have imagined. The three of us, along with the immense weight and hard work of the team at Everybody’s, pulled off a ridiculous stunt and filmed 8 videos in 4 days during a very cold week in January. Our bones ached by the end of it, but the finished product screams brilliance.

We then needed a way to show off our new threads for everyone to see. We decided to try and create a 24 hour stream of the video. As the video had been written to end in the same position as it starts (we made the frames match as perfectly as we could), this idea was an easy one to have, but a frustratingly difficult one to execute. We were doing something new, and new ground needs a careful balance of tenderness, strength, and perseverance to be broken. I’m so proud that we were able to make something so genuinely daring. One-shot takes and dance videos aren’t all that original, but what we did was brand new. I’m so proud of us.